News / 6-oct-2008:
Genius Connect

GeniusConnect has been released.

-Progress dialog during startup of GeniusConnect
-new dyn.param '{WINDOWS_NT_USER}' (for NT domains)

-Delete Outlook Message Box, blocking synchronization.
-rollback of change in version "AutoSave: Ignore Read/Unread changes." Change was causing problems on MS Exchange installations.

-Exchange 2003 only: GeniusConnect does not detect an update of a Calendar item after insert
-Contact attachment sync only: Contact Picture attachment invisible after update
-Contact attachment sync only: Outlook error message “object not found” after update of a Contact with ContactPicture attachment and a normal attachment
-“Delete all Database Records before Store All” generates wrong SQL Statement when using custom stored procedure for delete.


Genius Connect
GeniusConnect SQL Server Find DVBLink for Outlook
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