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Genius Connect

GeniusConnect release

-Advanced Options->Block Store Check
Do not check if folder storage is available in current Outlook MAPI profile (Default=Unchecked)
-Database Tab->Right Click->Slow Scan Helper
Disable scanning of a folder (and subfolders). Can be used for slow connections (hosted Exchange/Office 365)on folders that are never used in GeniusConnect.
This is only a helper function,  it was already possible to edit this option in Advanced Options dialog

-“Copy Profile To…” does not need Backup/Restore permission

-Continue with synchronization when corrupted folder item detected.
GeniusConnect will display/log a warning, but will continue to the next item.
-Can't set HTMLBody error with empty string
-Outlook 2013 Click to Run Fix
Install will try to register the missing components (Outlook Click to Run ONLY)



Genius Connect
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