Automatic Deployment

If you are using tools like Microsoft Systems Management Server, you can distribute the application and the application settings to different computers in your network.

Please note: this option is available only in Multi User license.

MANDATORY Application components:

The Following application components must be copied and registered on the target PC:
regsvr32 GatWCrypto.dll
regsvr32 DBContact.dll
regsvr32 OutlookInterface.dll
regsvr32 OutlookConnect.dll
regsvr32 GeniusNTLog.dll

New components from ver.
GCMMan.exe /RegServer
regsvr32 GCMManPS.dll
regsvr32 GeniusConnectSync.dll
regsvr32 secman.dll (secman64.dll for 64bit version)

GeniusConnect is registered (by default) as Outlook Add-in per user(version and lower):

If you want to register GeniusConnect for all PC Users copy the Add-in registry key to:

from version GeniusConnect installs for ALL USERS by default:

Help file

only if you are using extern scheduler on the clients

-Only if you are using Swiftpage email marketing Add-on on the clients


To Distribute All settings export registry key
Set RelinkFolders, to 1 before the export.
GeniusConnect (on the target PC)
resets this value to 0 after the scan for the local folders.


to export only some folders and settings

All settings and Folder links are stored in registry

The Folder link settings are stored in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Folders\<ENTRY ID>.

Entry ID is unique identifier of an Outlook (Exchange) Folder. If you want to distribute only some Folders please check:

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Folders\<ENTRY ID>\FolderPath" key. This Key contains original path of a Folder (only Folder Name for Outlook 2000).
If you want to distribute all folders export all folders in the Folders path.

Apart from the Folders setting you have also to distribute the following settings:

1. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect
Keys: Code, Hint, Key, User.
This is the license information.

2. ODBC data sources

You have to distribute the ODBC data sources used by the Folder(s).

3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Settings\AdminOptions
Key: RelinkFolders, please set this value to 1 before the distribution. GeniusConnect (on the target PC)
resets this value to 0 after the scan for the local folders.
Key: Password, configuration password.

4. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Settings
Copy also all sub keys.

Distribution of other registry keys is not mandatory:
Display info for GeniusConnect Tool bar.

When the distribution is done and user starts Outlook, GeniusConnect will check the RelinkFolders key, if the value is 1, GeniusConnect will reset this key to 0 (to disable this process for the next start-up) and try to find (or recreate) the local folder using the FolderPath key.

If the Folder is not found, GeniusConnect will try to recreate the folder.

After the Folder has been created (or existing folder has been found), the <ENTRY ID> key will be overwritten by Entry ID of the local Folder.

Please note: the Scan process can take several minutes on slow networks in for example MS Exchange environment.