Customize Toolbar


Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007 ONLY

For Outlook 2010 or higher, please search Microsoft web/documentation for "customize Ribbon", or “Customize the Quick Access Toolbar” to add GeniusConnect ribbon buttons to Quick Access Toolbar).


GeniusConnect toolbar can be customized.

The default Outlook support can be used to change display text, button position, etc.


To customize using Outlook:

1.    Right click GeniusConnect toolbar

2.    Click menu item “Customize…”

3.    To change a GeniusConnect button Right click the button

4.    To move the button to a different menu or toolbar, left click the button and drag it to the target location.


Please see Outlook documentation for more info.


To change the behaviour of a GeniusConnect button or remove it from the toolbar:

1.    Start regedit.exe

2.    Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Commandbars\GeniusConnect


Buttons properties are stored in the following format:


<ID>Caption (Can be changed using Outlook)

<ID>Show (Can be changed using Outlook-Delete)





The Toolbar position and visibility is stored in:

Position key, format is

Visible 0 or 1

X Left (distance from the left side of the docking area),

X Top (the distance (in points) from the top of the Office Assistant, or from the top edge of the specified command bar, to the top edge of the screen. For docked command bars, this property returns or sets the distance from the command bar to the top of the docking area),

X Toolbar Row Index (docking order of a command bar in relation to other command bars),

X Position

Please do not modify these values manually; you can also move/change the toolbar in Outlook.

To Hide/Show the Toolbar:

1.    Right click the Toolbar

2.    Uncheck the GeniusConnect item


To remove a button from the toolbar:

·      Set <ID>Show value to 0

To change the button function set the decimal value of <ID>CustomAction to:

·      0, Load All records

·      1, Store All records

·      2, Load All and Store All

·      3, Store All and Load All

·      4, No action

·      4294967295, default behaviour


To return to the default behaviour for the GeniusConnect Toolbar:

Delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Genius@Work\GeniusConnect\Commandbars\GeniusConnect from the registry.