Assign table


Use this dialog to create a link between an Outlook folder and a database table/view.



1.    Select an ODBC data source
How to create an ODBC data source is explained here.

2.    Enter a valid login name or leave blank when no login name is needed

3.    Enter a valid password or leave blank when no password is needed

4.    Hit the “Connect” button.

5.    Select the table/view in Table Combo box

After you have selected a table, available Outlook fields are listed in the list view underneath.

6.    Assign the fields
Field information

a)     Import a template file (See Example: Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access ) with mappings.


a)     Manual by selecting the database fields
Assign fields

b)     Export to a file for later use.


Do not forget to specify Primary and Mandatory keys , to do this please click the “Mandatory Keys ” button.

Folder Options

ANSI quoted identifiers


Filter rows

User Defined Fields

Item attachments


Unicode version only:

Use this button to activate
Unicode syntax dialog.


Each table must have at least one primary key!