Configuration - Database


If the folder is linked to a database table/view the ODBC data source and table/View names are shown behind the folder.


To add a table, first select a folder (Only Contacts Folders for Microsoft Outlook 2000), then click on the ‘Assign table’ button.


To remove a table, first select a folder which has a table connected to it, click on the ‘Remove table’ button to remove the link between the Outlook folder and the database table.

When an Outlook folder is already linked to a database table the link can be reconfigured by clicking on the ‘Assign table’ button.

Use the
Copy profile to… button to copy configuration of a selected folder to other folders of the same type.




Check the target folders and click “Yes” button.

See also dynamic folder parameters {OUTLOOK_FOLDER_XXX}. When using dynamic parameters, same profiles will result in for example a different filter or mandatory/primary key SQL statement.


Context menu functions

Right Click a Folder to activate context menu functions:



Clear Primary keys
see topic: Clear primary keys from Outlook items


New Folder

Create a new folder as subfolder of the selected folder.


Delete Folder

Delete selected folder.


Export profile

Export all settings of a selected folder to a file


Import profile

Import previously exported file to a selected folder


Please Note: the export/import function in Assign Table dialog exports/imports only field mappings and options, but not connection and table info.


Add Exchange Mailbox (MS Exchange and Multi-User license only)

Add Exchange Mailboxes to GeniusConnect profile

GeniusConnect will display “Select Exchange user(s)” dialog. You can select one or more users. You must have Admin permission on every Mailbox you want to add!

GeniusConnect displays shared mailbox as “Exchange Mailbox [User Name]”

Remove Exchange Mailbox (MS Exchange and Multi-User license only)
Remove Exchange
Mailbox from GeniusConnect profile
(Enabled only if other user mailbox selected)




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