This page contains Add-ons for GeniusConnect.


Swiftpage Mailing support

GeniusConnect Swiftpage Add-on enables email marketing campaigns directly from tables/views linked to Outlook Folders using GeniusConnect. You can use only Tables/views with a column containing a valid email address.


To start using Mailing support in GeniusConnect:

1.    at least one folder must be linked to database (Configuration - Database)

2.    Click the Free Trial button to create a Free Trial account

3.    Check the “Enable Swiftpage add-on” checkbox

4.    Click the “Config..” buttons and enter your account info

5.    Restart Outlook


GeniusConnect toolbar will display a new button images\swiftpagetoolbar.jpg


To start creating a mailing, click the Swiftpage button.

Prepare Swiftpage mailing list