Attachment Examples

GeniusConnect installs (if selected during installation) two attachment examples:


MS SQL Server: (GeniusConnect install path\SQLServer)

Example mapping template: “Example MSSQLServer – Outlook Mail Attachment.ini

Example Table: MailAttachment


(Run the database installation script before using this example:”Example MSSQLServer – Outlook.sql”)


MS Access: (GeniusConnect install path)

Example mapping template: “Example MS Access – Outlook Mail Attachment.ini”

Example Table: MailAttachment

(MS Access database file: ExampleAccess2000.mdb)


Both attachment example templates are working on Mail Folders linked to Mail example tables.

Please configure first the parent table mapping before importing the attachment examples.

“Example MSSQLServer – Outlook Mail.ini” or “Example MS Access - Outlook Mail.ini”



Examples installation details: Microsoft Access , Microsoft SQL Server