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License and support info

License Free Private Business MultiUser
Maximum number of records 49 n/a n/a n/a
Load selected item(s)
Store selected item(s)
Load all items from database
Store all items to database
Ignore private items
Only insert to Outlook, do not update
Only insert to database, do not update
Only update database, do not insert
Auto Save on Outlook Item change
Auto Load Selected Item(s)
Delete Outlook Items before Load All
Delete Outlook Item when rec. deleted
Delete records before Store All
Delete rec. when Outlook Item deleted
Support for auto deployment
Auto-synchronize on start or timer
Use external scheduler
Link multiple folders
Import/ Export Link setting
Filter Rows
Configuration password
Initial Sync-Associate Items with records
LastModificationTime compare
Exchange Public folders
Exchange/Office 365 multiple accounts sync
Custom SQL for insert, update, *delete
Log to event log
Follow Outlook offline mode**
Copy a folder link to other folders
Swiftpage Add-On-email marketing
Attachment support
Database change detection support
Add Exchange Mailbox to GeniusConnect profile**

*not for free and private version **not for MS Outlook 2000 

Subscription licenses

Subscription conditions:You can use the license for the duration of your subscription. Subscription may be terminated at any time.

How many licenses do I need?

Per user/personal folders installation

You need a license per PC and Outlook Mailbox.
This can be Outlook with multiple personal folder files(.pst). On Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 per user Mailbox.
1 PC, 2X pst files: 1 license
1 PC, 2XMS Exchange mailbox: 2 licenses

Please note: If you need more than 5 Business licenses, it is cheaper to purchase a MultiUser 25 Users block.

Public/Shared Folders

To use GeniusConnect on Public/Shared Folders you need a MultiUser license. Number of licenses depends on number of users using the folder(s). MultiUser license can be purchased per User (monthly subscription) or per 25 Users blocs (monthly or year subscription).
Example 1: if you have 30 users using the synchronized folder(s), the cheapest option is to purchase two 25 User blocs (2X25Users).
Example 2: if you have 3 users using the synchronized folder(s), the cheapest option is to purchase 3 user licenses.

Multiple accounts sync from one install

To use "Dedicated install" you need a MultiUser license per mailbox.
Example 1: if you have 28 mailboxes, the cheapest option is to purchase two 25 User blocs (2X25Users).
Example 2: if you have 3 mailboxes, the cheapest option is to purchase 3 user licenses.

Support options....

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