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MS Exchange examples

How to synchronize multiple MS Exchange user accounts from one dedicated PC/Server with MS Outlook and GeniusConnect.

Two-way synchronization contact folders
[0.2MB, Apr 19, 2015]
In this example we want to synchronize user’s Contact folders with a CRMCustomers table. Since our CRM system can change the Contact data outside of GeniusConnect, we will setup LastModificationTime compare, to solve possible synchronization conflicts. We want to sync only records owned by the user, so we will have to specify a filter and a default value with owner data for inserts. This will be two-way synchronization.

One-way synchronization from DB to user’s Calendar
[0.2MB, Apr 19, 2015]
In this example we want to synchronize users Calendar with a central CRM table named CRMCalendar. Only “Department meeting” will be pushed into user’s calendar. This will be one way synchronization from Database to user’s Calendar.

One-way synchronization from user's Sent Items mail folder to Database.
[0.2MB, Apr 19, 2015]
In this example we want to save all outgoing emails to an archive table named OutgoingMailArchive .
This will be one-way synchronization from Outlook to Database.

Using ODBC File data source

Using ODBC File data source.pdf
[0.0MB, Apr 18, 2015]
System and User DSNs are stored in the registry. File DSNs, however, are stored as a file with a .DSN file extension. A common use for a file DSN is to provide a data connection for a local application, such as GeniusConnect , Excel or Access.
The advantage of using a file DSN is that you can share it easily with other users by placing it on a network share. Download the PDF and follow the steps to use a ODBC File DSN.

Microsoft Access example

Combine two database datetime fields
[0.0MB, Apr 19, 2011]
Example MS Access db and .ini template:
This example (for calendar folders)combines two table fields into one in a MS Access query. The template contains also example statements for custom insert / update / delete SQL statements. The statements are using the table behind the query, to write back to database.

Microsoft Business Contacts Examples

How to import Business Contact Manager Contacts to an Outlook Contact Folder
[0.1MB, Jan 25, 2010]
Example contains a PDF document with description of steps to connect an Outlook Contact folder to Microsoft Business Contacts.

How to link Business Contact Manager Contacts to MS SQL Server Contacts Table
[0.0MB, Jan 24, 2009]
Example .ini template to use MS SQL Server Contacts example table with Business Contacts folder.

3rd party examples

[1.0MB, Jan 23, 2009]
Author: b'Files®
b'Files® ist eine Datenbanklösung für FileMaker®.

GeniuisConnect PC-News review(German)
[0.2MB, Jan 01, 2009]
Author: Paul Belcl
Windows Mobile specialist,
Director of Clubpocketpc Austria

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