News / 23-apr-2009:
Genius Connect

GeniusConnect has been released.

switch -o: Use specific Outlook start switch
see Microsoft documentation "Outlook Command-line switches" (URL depends on Outlook version, Google search: Outlook <2007, 2003 etc..> Command-line switches )
You can enter Outlook switches in: GeniusConnect Config->Synchronize Schedule->Use Windows Scheduler

-when Auto Start/Exit Outlook used, GCScheduler will block GeniusConnect Toolbar

New registry key to specify GCScheduler wait time for Outlook (only used with –s [start Outlook])
KEY: WaitSecondsForOutlookStart
DWORD: default=15 (decimal)

-new warning when DB large binary data-type mapped to a non-binary
Outlook column (varchar, char etc..)
-new conversion handling: DB large binary data-type to non-binary datatype
Conversion is NOT guaranteed!

-mySQL: force mysql server to use normal backslash () handling:
GeniusConnect sets flag NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES only for GeniusConnect connections.
(This mode was introduced in MySQL 5.0.1.)

-MS Exchange only: Add Exchange Mailbox function:
GeniusConnect will try to resolve selected user based on email address (prev. versions are using User Name) .
When Exchange Global Address Book contains duplicate names, Exchange/Outlook can resolve the user name to non-exchange User.

-caching folders has been optimized (20% faster)

-fixes toolbar problems on citrix / remote desktop session



Genius Connect

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