News / 21-sep-2010:
Genius Connect

GeniusConnect has been released.

-Disable Sync (right click folder in GeniusConnect setup->Database Tab)
Keep folder configuration but Disable sync

-Multiple schedulers
It is now possible to define multiple schedulers per folder or group of folders.
1.On Synchronize Schedule Tab select "Extern Scheduler" radio button
2.Select a folder and set sync direction (second column)
3.Enter a unique Task Name in third column of a folder
(repeat the steps for all folders you need to sync within the same scheduler)

4.Select the Task Name in combobox "Task names"
(next to "Use Windows Scheduler" button)
5.Click the "Use Windows Scheduler" button and enter all other parameters

Remarks: an empty row in combobox "Task names", for folders without a specific Task name
2.if there are no Tasks names defined in Folder list, combobox "Task names" is hidden

-Cancel button on status bar (instead of Pressing Escape key)

-Toolbar/Ribbon sync buttons disabled after Folder mapping has been created
-error "User-defined fields" when inserting Outlook items to a Folder with a custom-form

MS Exchange mail enabled resource calendar only:
read only Meeting request in a public resource calendar gets saved to database without start/end date.


Genius Connect

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