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SQL Server Find Features

The ultimate SQL Server Find tool for use with Microsoft SQL Server! Finally you can search for your database objects with the same ease as the files on your hard disk.

Supports Microsoft Windows XP and higher
SQL Server Find is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions

SQL Server Find works with SQLOLE
SQL Server 6.x databases.

Support for SQLDMO (Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and higher)
SQL Server Find also works with SQLDMO, which is installed with Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005. SQLDMO is a collection of COM objects for administering SQL Server 7.x, 2000 and 2005 databases. Both SQLOLE and SQLDMO can be used at the same time.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and higher
Supported from version 3.4.1, please install "Microsoft SQL Server Feature Pack". More info...

Fully multi-threaded
SQL Server Find is fully multi-threaded. This means SQL Server Find will display results as soon as they are found, but keeps searching.

Multi-connections to SQL Servers
You can connect to multiple Microsoft SQL Servers at the same time. These servers can be 6.x,7.0 and higher servers.

Search multiple databases in multiple servers
You can search multiple Microsoft SQL Server databases for the same server or different servers at the same time.

Search using common expressions
You can now search for objects using common expressions. This makes searching even more flexible.

Auto-detecting Microsoft SQL Server version
You don't have to tell SQL Server Find which version of Microsoft SQL Server you're using. This information is collected at runtime.

Opens external editor (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio)
You can view the database objects from the results grid using default editor registered for .SQL extension.(double click or right click the result grid row)

Drag and drop support
You can drag an object from the result grid to a third party application like Query Analyzer for editing purposes.

Export result grid. (right click on the result grid)


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