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What kind of support is included in the purchase of the license and what kind of support is offered at additional cost?

Normal support by Email, phone, online support site and one remote support session during business hours (9:00-6:00PM UTC+1) is included (free). Extra remote support sessions will be charged USD 95.0/started hour.
Free support does not include reviewing custom stored procedures / SQL statements / logs related to your custom data model/solution. Customizing / reviewing data-models, stored procedures, SQL Statements will be charged USD 95.0/started hour.

Extra support options

GeniusConnect-Gold Support

USD 89.00 one time fee

Template creation based on your database table for 1 folder type: Calendar, Contact etc..
We will create a template based on existing table object. Database programming (stored procedures, views etc..) is not included in Gold support!

GeniusConnect-Premium Service Plan 24/7

USD 99.00 per month

GeniusConnect-Premium technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Available only for GeniusConnect-Multi User licenses. Subscription (monthly) can be terminated at any time.