Attachment parent table mappings


Parent Key mapping:

Primary keys of the parent table must be mapped to attachment column(s).

GeniusConnect uses this mapping to synchronize attachments of a specific item.


Parent Table “Calendar” has primary key Cal_ID

Attachmet Table “CalendarAttachment” has composite Primary key, Parent_Cal_ID (reference to parent record) and Attach_Nr.


Mapping: ParentKey:Cal_id Child key: Parent_Cal_ID


The Attach_nr column must be mapped to “Attachment Number” column in Item Attachments dialog.


SQL Statements for Mandatory Keys:

You have to specify other mandatory keys for attachments (second Grid),

only if:

-Column is Mandatory in Attachment table
-Column is not linked to an Outlook Attachment column
-Column has no default value for inserts (specified in database)


(Working of the second grid is explained in Primary and Mandatory keys help topic.


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