User Defined Fields


It is possible to define custom fields in Outlook. These fields can be linked to a table / view column.

The User Defined Field(s) must exist in the Outlook Folder before starting the mapping process.

GeniusConnect will scan the first 50 Item’s in the folder to collect the user defined fields.

You can change the max. Scan parameter in the registry (regedit.exe):
Scanning more items will affect the performance!


Key: MaxItemsScan Type: REG_DWORD

Value: 50 (default)

Example Value: 100 (decimal)


If the folder contains too many items without user defined fields so the scan process will take too much time or user defined fields are not present:


  1. Move the items temporarily to a different folder.
  2. Create a dummy item with user-defined fields (also assign dummy values to the user-defined fields).
  3. Go to GeniusConnect setup->Database and complete the assign table process.
  4. Remove the dummy item
  5. Move the items from the temp. folder back to the original folder

To enable display of MAPI named fields, see Show MAPI Named columns in Advanced settings...