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We specialize in database-driven software for Microsoft operating systems

Our in-depth knowledge of different database systems and technologies was the starting point of GeniusConnect, a product that integrates almost every database system with MS Outlook / Exchange.
Since its introduction in October 2002, the popularity of GeniusConnect has exceeded every expectation.

Thank you for visiting and for using GeniusConnect.

What are our customers saying?


Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc.

"GeniusConnect has proven to be a very valuable tool to our sales staff, both on the road and in the office. We use it for remotely adding contacts in Outlook and importing them into our SQL database. We synchronize between SQL and Outlook with ease. We also use it for doing mass-emailing using SQL views and importing into Outlook. It has taken the burden off our IS department and put the needed tools in the hands of our users.
Thank you!"

Pam Murray


A Leading Canadian Provider of Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Processing Solutions

"At Merchant-Accounts.ca customer correspondence via email can become a complicated issue due to the number of emails we receive, and the complexity of subject discussed. We needed a solution that would enable us to share email information with employees in multiple offices,
stored in a central database, which in our case was a mySQL database. There were several solutions to this problem, but it would require changing either our database infrastructure, or discontinuing use of Microsoft Outlook as an email client. Neither of these options was appealing.

GeniusConnect was the solution. It enabled us to tie the same email client we already use every day (Microsoft Outlook), directly to our mySQL database for the sharing of email information across an internet connection. It was exactly what we were looking for. The support has been fantastic, and requests for special customization functions have been answered and supported by GeniusConnect team. I do not hesitate for a moment to give GeniusConnect my strongest recommendation possible.
The ability to share Outlook email, through any internet connection and database server (such as mySQL) is an incredible way to achieve a previously unheard of level of integration directly between Outlook users and a central database server. Of particular importance, it is not platform dependant - meaning your emails can be stored in almost any database (including non-Microsoft databases). Thus, it is more flexible than almost any other method of storing and sharing emails. This allows for programming functions directly between Outlook email correspondence and your existing database infrastructure. The functions that can be developed with such a high level of integration and customization are almost unlimited. (CRM, Mailing Lists, etc.)
In short, it has greatly benefited our business."
David Goodale


Connect Structures Ltd

UK based company, nationwide coverage, structural steelwork and cladding Solutions.

"We use geniusconnect on a daily basis here, excellent product.
We use Genius connect to manage contact data in SQL and ACCESS databases and load into Outlook. Your software brings our contact data alive! We can keep outlook bang up to date with just one Mouse click.
Mr Bret de Garis, Director

Grafham water sailing Club

"We wanted to integrate an Exchange calendar used by the office of Grafham water sailing Club to a web calendar. We wanted to use the Wordpress blog as the basis of the calendar, but to make the process one-way only (ie changes made in Outlook or via OWA uploaded, but not vice-versa). The product needed quite a bit of tweaking and some imagination to ensure multiple tables in the MySQL database were updated
(I understand that later releases may have addressed this better - but we got it to work so saw no reason to change).

We would recommend the product wholeheartedly - but only to people with a decent knowledge of PHP/MySQL and databases in general - not for the feint hearted"
Tom Smith

RE/MAX Advantage Plus

"Genius Connect is a one of a kind product.
I use MS Access to store my client information but I also use MS Outlook for easy access of information on my PDA. With Genius Connect I can enter/store information in either database and the other is automatically updated.
Genius Connect changed the way I do business!
Jeffrey J. Katz

HINZE Consulting of Hamburg in Germany

"It´s a real pleasure to work with you.

We use the advantages of GeniusConnect for our costumers in our planning board software products  infoBoard Server Edition and digiPlan.
Up to 200 Exchange calendars are made visible on a surface and the centrally planned rosters or orders/tasks are given to the employees automatically. Within minutes all 200 appointment calendars are tuned with the central planning. With it we have created a unique solution in teamwork with central planning and decentralized appointment calendar. Also from other systems calculated and generated tasks/appointments, e.g. SAP, MS Project, CRM und ERP-systems are put by our interfaces on the planning board and then automatically registered in the Exchange calendars by the interfaces of GeniusConnect. Nothing gets lost and everybody knows. Ideal situation thanks to GeniusConnect!"

Yours sincerely,
Hinze Consulting
Pierre Larsen

Stadtjugendring Schwabach K.d.ö.R.

"The „Stadtjugendring Schwabach" is a local committee of about 30 non profit youth organizations. Handing out Information and Supporting voluntary workers is an essential part of its work. To support this work, several programs are used, e.g. a program to administrate and monitor the use of house keys. It is of course profitable to use this address data also in other appliances, e.g. letters or eMail. This safes a lot of double work and confusion.
The Staff is allowed to use any eMail program, and with the use of Outlook, the central address database couldn’t be contacted.
And here Genius Connect appeared on the stage. Genius Connect provided the gateway between Outlook and a central MySQL Database.

The installation of Genius Connect was very easy, the only problem occurred on the initial setup, where the Ansi-Conformity of the SQL-Query had to be properly set.
Since then, Genius Connect is running without problems, and we experience a huge increase in work efficeny.

Thanks for Genius Connect! "

Knut Besold Nuernberg / Germany

Staatliche berufliche Schulen Fürstenfeldbruck

"We are using GeniusConnect for more than half a year to manage parts of our homepage with it.
I tried many tools to manage contacts, events and so on via Outlook, but I have been always disappointed, until I found GeniusConnect.
So for now I can surly say, this is a great and extremely high configurable tool to connect Outlook to any sql-database.
Just have a look at our homepage
www.bs-ffb.de, it is setup with joomla, a free cms.
CMS aren`t bad at all, but now my secretary can create new contacts (teachers in this case) and events just in Outlook and it syncs in background
to update the homepage. At least I want to condescend upon the GeniusConnect-Team, which is really fast and outstanding in support."

Harry Hinterwimmer

PC-News review (Austria)

Review GeniusConnect (pdf format, German)...

Author: Paul Belcl
Windows Mobile specialist,
Director of Clubpocketpc Austria

3d2f.com Review...

GeniusConnect - a bridge between a database of your choice and Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a great solution for email exchange, scheduling and time management, but it is limited to operating data and objects created within it and stored in its proprietary PST file format. A great number of users, however, would be glad to have an opportunity to synchronize the content of their Outlook folders with external databases that, in turn, could be updated by other applications and services. Unfortunately, Outlook does not provide this functionality «out of the box» and this type of data exchange is only possible via third-party solutions, such as GeniusConnect.
GeniusConnect is a reliable and easy to configure and use connector between any standard SQL databases and Microsoft Outlook.
For instance, you may want to synchronize your Outlook contacts with a database that stores contacts submitted through your website.
With GeniusConnect, this task becomes a snap! Select your contacts folder, click a corresponding Genius Connect button, configure the connection, map the fields you want to pull from the database and there you are!
Your database data will be instantly added to your Outlook contacts folder in a proper format.

The software offers tons of connection and synchronization options that allow you to manage the entire data exchange process, instantly update data on both ends,
create backups and even create Outlook tasks based on information stored in an associated database.
The connection setup process is very intuitive, allowing you to start working within minutes from installing GeniusConnect.

If you are seeking to expand the data storage capabilities of your Outlook and be able to quickly exchange data with third-party applications via an external database, GeniusConnect is just what you need!

GOS Computer Services

"I have run a very small portal service for many years, and have struggled to manage numerous sources of contact details: outlook, PDA, web mail, and integrating contacts to my portal service, and the running of my Asterisk PABX.
After looking for solutions a couple of years ago, to import outlook databases in MYSQL to server my portal and PABX, I came across Genius Connect.
The product totally revolutionised the way I have been able to integrate outlook contacts with MYSQL.

Apart from using this product to manage my information, for customers who now use my portal/mail/contacts website, I can now offer an initial migration of contacts data into the portal address book.
As soon as I add a person to my outlook address, within seconds the contact is sent to the MYSQL database which serves my PABX. So when anyone rings, the caller name details automatically appears on the phones.
For a number of months I have also been using 'emails to mysql' too, to allow me to access historical mail remotely whilst working away, via my portal.
When I saw the new feature for attachments, I am now planning my next piece of development to the emails!

This product is so easy to use, and provides a simple and seamless integration from outlook to a database.

A very good product - many thanks !"

Ian Stringer
GOS Computer Services

Hammond Electronics, Inc.

"I am mainly writing to let you know how much I appreciate your technical support! I don't believe I have ever gotten such quick responses to request for help from any other software support system in my 25 years of development! Even my own company's support!

The problem that I had deleting SQL records was fixed by reloading your latest release 3 application on another PC. I am amazed at the number of emails that your support department responded to in a 4 hour period of time.

Our Sales Software was up and running in record time! Thanks Again"

Jim Todd
Senior Software Development Engineer